By | May 2, 2017

Charleston is a southern coastal city located in South Carolina. The city was originally built on a peninsula of land that divides the Ashley and Cooper rivers. Charleston has a wide variety of attractions and entertainment. Some of the popular attractions in the Charleston area include:

Charleston South Carolina has a wide variety beaches. Isle of Palms and Folly Beach are two of the most popular beaches in Charleston. These two beaches offer unique atmospheres and beautiful scenery.

These beaches are ideal for those who want to spend a day sunbathing and those who want to participate in outdoor recreational activities. Isle of Palms tends to attract people on family vacation while Folly beach tends to attract a younger, college crowd.

Folly beach has a more laid back feel and is very popular with those who like to surf. Sea brook, Kiawah and Wild Dunes are for those who prefer a private beach. Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s island provide a convenient location, closer to the downtown scene and with plenty of public access. Sullivan’s is one of the more historical beaches in Charleston.

Charleston is very popular because of plantations that tell the stories of Charleston’s past. They enable you to know more about life in the Colonial South. Most of the plantations are usually opened to the public so that those visiting may learn more about Charleston’s rich history.

It is a good idea to learn about the day to day activities on a plantation and explore the beautiful scenery at these local plantations.

Historic downtown
Historic downtown is filled with rich history and beautiful architecture. There are countless tours available for the local community and visitors alike. Whether you are looking for a romantic horse drawn carriage tour, a walking tour or a bus tour, there are Charleston tours suitable for all ages and interests.

There are very many themed tours in historic downtown including jail tours, ghost tours, pirate tours, etc. After tour of the city, visitors like to explore Charleston’s restaurants and nightlife. The fresh, local cuisine is delicious and there several clubs and bars that offer live music and entertainment.

As you can see there are many exciting opportunities available to visitors in Charleston, South Carolina. You will find that there are attractions and entertaining activities for you and your family. All you need to do is to narrow down your options to figure out which attraction interest you most.